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  • Tree Services that I provide are:  Removals both simple and technical, storm damage repairs, tree pruning ,  pruning / shaping bushes, and emergency work.

    Initially I want to understand what my customer's goals, priorities, and concerns for their trees are before beginning. This way I can make realistic recommendations based on the results they desire, as well as what is actually going to benefit their tree in the long run. My goal is a customer that gets what they want aesthetically, and a tree that's health is promoted, so it will thrive in years to come.

    Unfortunately bidding tree jobs sight unseen is extremely difficult as there are a ton of factors that really will make the job exponentially more difficult. For this reason I do my best to bid a range with the high number being the worst case scenario. Type of tree, if it has ever been pruned prior (or pruned badly), location, and structural integrity are the big factors in pricing.

    I will do any of 3 levels of pruning which will vary in price according to overall difficulty and time needed to complete the work.

    1. Remove all dead, problem growth, clear all roof lines, inspect structure of tree, and lighten all burdened limbs.  (Most Thorough)

    2. Remove dead larger than wrist size,  fix problematic growth, clear roof, lighten overly burdened limbs.  (Medium Depth)

    3. Remove large dangerous dead, and any growth that is urgent to tree or property.  (Fix only the most critical issues)

    I typically provide my customers with a price range on your initial quote. Unfortunately, it is difficult to accurately quote tree jobs sight unseen without knowing all of the details of your particular project.  I will offer my best guess based on a picture, but to give you the most accurate quote possible I need to see your trees in person before giving a firm quote.

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