• About Wyatt

  • That Tree Guy Services provides quality tree care by a highly trained and skilled arborist.


    I personally provide all services, including an exceptional clean up upon completion of your job.

    I have worked as an arborist for the previous 2 years with O'Brien Tree Care out of Golden CO. We specialized in difficult removals, technical rigging, pruning, and of course standard tree maintenance.

    I hold a BS in Biology, and a MS in Secondary Science Education. I worked for DPS as a High School Physics, and Biology teacher for 5 years prior to going into the tree business full time. My ability to teach makes blending customer's expectations with the health needs of their trees very smooth.

    Climbing has been my passion for as long as I can remember.  Tree work while extremely taxing physically has been truly satisfying.  It has provided me the ability to make a living, show a tangible product that I'm very proud of, improve my customers lives, and still train for what I love, climbing.

  • My Ethic

    When you hire someone to work on your trees there is a lot that needs to be considered. Many tree climbers and companies will sacrafice quality of work in the name of doing more business.  This really only hurts your tree which in the long run can hurt your property value, or cause you to have to remove a tree that has been over pruned, or damaged by bad cuts.  Being ISA certified does not always mean that arborist is good at what they do.  One of the best arborists I know is not ISA certified because taking the test to get it isn't cost effective for him.  That said some of the companies that only hire ISA certified arborists do work that many other arborists would only classify as shameful.  You really do need to get a sense of the person, and their reputation.  Tree trimmers need to be meticulous and technically proficient in how and why they make the cuts that they do.   Over pruning will cause a tree to be shocked and produce water sprouts (sucker growth) in order to make food to survive. A tree can be killed if it is over pruned.  

    I work with everyone; people with extremely high end homes in gated communities, and people that live in some of the poorest neighborhoods in the area.  Everyone receives the same level of care for their property and trees.  I'm happy to say that to date I can claim 100% customer satisfaction.  I think it is largely due to keeping my customers totally in the loop with what is happening, doing high quality work, and making certain that when I leave their yard looks as good or better than when I showed up.  I clean up thoroughly because my customers shouldn't have to clean up the mess of the person they hired to improve their property.

    My overhead is very low, and my skill and pride in quality is high.  Given that I'm confident my customers all receive an extremely high quality service for their money.